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Posted on October 22, 2013

Why Network?

The group that is now referred to as ‘The SCN’ didn’t really start off with that intention.

It started off as a forum post on a modelling website (one that begins with a ‘P’, ends in ‘m’, and has ‘or’ somewhere in the middle).  It was just a speculative request to see if any local users of that site wanted to try to meet up face-to-face for once.

I had become a bit jaded trying to arrange shoots online.   I’d found it difficult to find reliable people to work with… I was somewhat dissolusioned with the online thing.. it was easy to make arrangements for a shoot and then there’d be a late cancellation, or a total no-show – with no explanation or good reason for it – and occasionally, no further response from the missing party.

I figured that it would be easier to find new faces, and new people to work with if I could get them together into one place, face-to-face.  And that’s how it all started.

From one small, ‘one-off’ event.. which was quite successful in it’s own little right – that snowballed into a loose agreement from those who came along to meet every month.  That was September 2009.

I’m writing this in late October 2013.   Since then, we’ve become a regular feature on the ‘scene’.  We’ve moved from just meeting once a month in Glasgow, to meeting twice a month.  In February 2011, we held our first Networking Night in Edinburgh.  By the end of the 2013 season of events for us, we’ll have held 79 meetups since that first, humble trial gathering.

Speaking as, I guess, the ‘founder’ of SCN – I have to say, those gatherings have, and always will be my focus.  They’re not all we do, as of course you’ll be aware – but that’s the basic principle.

Meet.  Create.

So, if you participate in our FB Group, or anything else we do – please, remember one thing.

It’s about meeting face-to-face, to find new people to work with.   It’s far less about posting ‘like my page, fellow creatives’ on Facebook.  I always believe you get out of life what you put in.  So clear the calendar, and get along to one of our meetings.   We’re not going to guarantee you’ll get everything you want instantly, we can’t do that.   One visit to a meet isn’t going to do that.  Come regularly.

If you work at getting your face (and name) known – you’ll achieve your goals.

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