Facebook Group Rules

The prime purpose of SCN is to facilitate networking between creatives – to encourage collaboration and networking.  That is, and always will be our prime focus.  This group is for those based and working creatively in Scotland.  Occasionally, we admit creatives who regularly travel in Scotland and arrange shoots and other activities.

General discussion on matters relating to photographic activities – photoshoots, casting calls, technique and events is welcome here.  Posts for votes in competitions will be removed.  Excessive self-promotion of your pages/sites may be removed at the Group Admin’s discretion – posting occasionally is welcome, but do it too frequently, and it becomes ‘noise’ for the other members.

Polite and civil discussion is welcome.  We don’t want to censor discussions/comments, however if your tone/attitude in your posts is inflammatory/obnoxious, you will be asked by a Group Admin to cease.  You will be warned once before we remove your comments.  Keep at it, and we’ll remove you from the group without further warning.

Respect the Group Admins.  They’re here to ensure everything runs smoothly. Do not block a Group Admin – this will result in you being removed from the group.

If your profile is a generic name (i.e. Scotland’s Amazing Model Society) – we will review who is behind the profile prior to admission to verify identity.

Noise and Drama

Drama, and bickering posts are an unfortunate downside of internet groups and forums.  If you don’t agree with something, and can’t comment in a constructive, but polite manner – don’t comment at all   Don’t jump into a discussion if your only input is to add to the drama.  Don’t divert a discussion from Original Topic A to New Topic B.  Personal snipes, or anything considered defamatory will not be tolerated.  You will be warned once by a Group Admin to cease.

This is supposed to be an adult group – not everything needs to be nicey-nice. However, it should not be a hostile environment that makes people reluctant to post and share their work and opinions.


Ours is not a critique group.  If critique isn’t asked for by the original poster, don’t offer it.  Keep critique in the context of the original request – e.g. don’t critique the photography if the image was posted by a model or MUA.

If you ask for opinions, you will get them.  If you do want to ask for critique, please label your post clearly with this tag: [CRITIQUE]. Be prepared that the opinions you get may not be to your expectations, so prepare to take that on the chin. If you are offering your opinions, please do so in a polite and constructive manner – especially if you do not know the recipient.

Unsolicited critique on images not labelled as such, may be removed by a Group Admin at any time.

Inspiration/Mood Board posts

If you are posting images within the group that aren’t yours – please ensure you have permission to post them, or at the very least credit them to their source.  That applies to “Who fancies a shoot like this image’ as much as anything else.  Post a link to a Pintrest board by all means, but in ALL cases please use the tag [INSPIRATION] in your original post.

Group Administrator Posts

There are a few Group Admins (see the Group Files for a list) who are here to keep the peace, as well as participate and run all the events. Facebook restrictions do not allow us to have a separate ‘Admin’ account separate from our personal accounts.

If we need to use our “Group Admin” hats – our comments or posts will be preceded with the tag [GROUP ADMIN]. Primarily, we will use that hat when threads get off-topic, and start to descend into bickering. Pay heed to these posts, we expect you to respect those comments. If you don’t, we may remove you from the group without further notice, or delete any off-topic or inflammatory comments.

The Group Admins have their own lives, jobs, schedules etc – if you cause us more work than the benefit you bring to the group, you will be removed. We have better things to do with our time.


The Group Admins do not accept any liability for any defamatory remarks posted within the group.  Individual members represent themselves and their own opinions, not the SCN or the Group Admins.


By posting material within the group, the poster accepts that they have the right to post said content.  Any violation in copyright lies with the original poster of the material, not the SCN or the Group Admins.

A final note on Membership of the Group

We’d like to remind you all that membership of the group is subject to the Group Admin team’s approval. This is a community, and we like to make sure everyone stays civil and gets benefit from the group. Think of it this way: If you have a party in your house, and someone causes trouble or deliberately stirs arguments – you will (one way or another) remove them from your house to restore order.

We only remove members from the group under exceptional circumstances, and that will be after warnings by a Group Admin. Membership is not a god-given right. Accept that, and you’ll get on fine.

Welcome to SCN, we actually are a friendly lot 🙂