Slideshow Submission Guidelines

In 2011, one of the things we introduced to our Networking events was a monthly slideshow of work submitted by those who attended the event.  We wanted this to become a talking point – it helps promote what you do – and is a great way to spark conversation up amongst the creatives that attend.

Of course, there are some guidelines for the slideshows, so if you’re thinking of sending something in, remember the following points:

  • Maximum image resolution is 1920×1080 pixels.  Please do not submit higher resolution than is necessary – it overloads our dropbox, and we can’t display higher than that resolution anyway.
  • Please do not download and send us images that have originated from Facebook.  We have had several problems with images not displaying properly on our system and would appear that Facebook does something nasty to JPEGs that cause us issues.
  • Send a maximum of 10 images per event.
  • We don’t object to nudity, so long as it is tasteful.  Please remember in all cases, the images are shown in a public bar or venue, and we don’t want to cause offence to other patrons.  The SCN admin’s decision in what is ‘tasteful’ is final.
  • Please only submit your images if you are intending to attend the event.  We know everyone likes to show off their photos, but the point of these slideshows is to generate interaction on the night – with the people who have come along.  You can’t do that, if you’re not there!
  • Submit your images by NOON on the day of the event.  We collate the images just prior to the event, and don’t always have time to accomodate late-comers.  We cannot guarantee your images will be shown if they are not submitted on time.
  • We recommend you watermark your images – with your name, or business name.  When the images are shown on the big screen, it’s useful for people to identify the creator/subject in the image.

To submit your images, email them to you need to upload them via our ‘Submit‘ page.  Please note we no longer accept submissions by email.

We look forward to seeing what you send us to share with the rest of the SCN!