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Birth Coaching

Birth Trauma

To have experienced a traumatic birth is hard.  To be expected to carry on as normal when you have been through a traumatic birth is even harder. The effects of birth trauma can be long lasting and devastating making sufferers feel as though they have somehow failed often resulting in depression, anxiety, PTSD and altered feelings towards your child and family members.

My birth trauma resolution sessions use methods that specifically avoid re-triggering or traumatising you.  The past cannot be changed but by using a combination of techniques, including 3-Step Rewind, hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) your experience can be re-framed and your emotional well-being improved.  You will move from being controlled by your thoughts and feelings to having choice and control over your emotional responses.

This technique requires 3 sessions which can be held in person or via Skype


Serene Support

These sessions are private sessions focussing on your individual needs and concerns regarding your feelings and emotional well-being towards pregnancy, birth and/or your transition into becoming a parent.

We will discuss tools and techniques to safeguard your emotional health, improve your mindset and build up your resilience towards everyday triggers.  Using a variety of NLP techniques you will learn to understand how your internal patterns and existing belief systems impact on your emotional responses and behaviour.  By altering those patterns  you give yourself choice as to how you emotionally react to events in the future.

Birth trauma resolution can be included in these sessions if required.

Amount of sessions required depends on individual requirements (birth resolution requires 3 sessions).  Session need to be attended in person.